In astrophysics, the French word "superamas" designates a galactic super cluster in migration, the largest known structure in the universe, in Mexico, it is a supermarket chain, on the stage, it is a collective that says "us" to better assert its singularity.

A Superamas show is therefore many people on the stage, incomparable energy, lightness and complexity mixed together, pleasure and seduction combined with a pitiless criticism of our media, social and political reality. As they say "An eminently political position is incumbent on artists today: to not leave the monopoly of amusement up to Walt Disney".

The European artists who make up Superamas, a migrant and international structure based in Austria, Belgium and France, play with all supports and all genres: theatre, dance, video, performance, installations, conversations, cocktail parties, the G8 or even schoolboy pranks between friends and a huge pharaonic spectacle. They use theatrical conventions to ask questions, without giving bite-size answers.

For the last 10 or so years, they have been produced in many theatres and festivals in Europe and North America and have imposed their trilogy Big 1st Episode - Artificial Intelligence / Reality Show, Big 2nd Episode - Show / Business, Big 3rd Episode - Happy / End. They then created EMPIRE (Art & Politics). They also exhibit in Art Galleries and publish books. In the season 2010/11 Superamas & Jeroen Peeters publishe with "Les Presses du RĂ©el" a book on the BIG trilogy.

Released in december 2010, YOUDREAM is
the SUPERAMAS' last production for television, stage and the web.

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